Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Zucca Trattoria


Have a lovely girls night at Zucca Trattoria.
It's a cozy and friendly place.
We love their service and food!!!
The server is very attentive, warm and nice.
We asked him to recommend some red wine, and he chose the right wine for us.
We love the red wine which is very fruity and juicy~~~  =]  

I tried this seafood squid ink pasta 2 years ago...as I remembered it tastes good.
Tonight Ada and Trina ordered it.
Ada's comment :  the mussels are so fresh, and I loves the texture of the pasta.
It's the right texture, chewy but not hard.

Sau and I ordered the shrimp pasta.
The pine nut, the raisin, the sauce are good match together.
Really love their pasta!!!
Next time wanna try the steak....or the fish dish~  =]

Sau, Trina and I choose this hazelnut meringue for dessert.
Not too sweet, it can't go wrong with chocolate and hazelnut, right?

Ada is so smart that chose the #1 dessert : Creme Caramel
if you like egg pudding, must try this.

can't resist the latte...i hope i won't stay up @ night because of this...^^;;;

- SB

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  1. I was planning to try this restaurant soon! everything looks good :)