Sunday, 18 November 2012

Santouka Ramen 山頭火拉麵

Ikura rice + Shoyu Ramen Combo

Grilled salmon rice + Shio ramen Combo

This is my 2nd time visiting Ramen Santouka.
The 1st time visit, they only have 4 kind of ramen available.
They still haven't got the full menu ready. 
Now they got some noodle and rice combo too.
The texture of the noodle and the taste of the soup are the best.
I think most people agree that noodle from Kinton and Sansotei are little bit too hard.
Santouka got the right noodle.  Finally there is the right texture of noodle!!!   
The soup?  I can drink it all up (for the shio one), rich and creamy but not greasy.
Shoyu Ramen tastes good too, richer in flavour.
Kara Miso Ramen is spicy miso Ramen.
It is way better than the spicy ramen at Kinton!
The last time I went Kinton to have spicy ramen, I think they forgot to add salt?
I hope they can keep the quality, since both Kinton and Sansotei are not quite stable.

You can choose the size of the ramen.
+$1 to make it to large or -$1 to make it to small.

***If you will try Shio, add some white pepper to taste. ^_*

- SB

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