Tuesday, 15 May 2012

馥苑 Made in China

現在火鍋店的裝修都不是普普通通便算, 總搞一些特式或主題。
下午茶就試試馥苑, 這間店本是吃火鍋的, 現在有午餐與下午茶供應。
Nowaday, hotpot restaurant's interior design and decoration has theme, not just plain one.
This restaurant is usually for Hotpot but offer lunch and afternoon tea set
Today we came here for HK style afternoon tea set.

在餐牌上看到「一飛沖天」,  問侍應是甚麼來的,
他解說是三層waffle, 每層也配不同口味的雪糕, 也有水果,
雪糕最上層是草莓(strawberry)、中間是香草(vanilla), 最低層是巧克力(chocolate),
水果有西瓜、草莓、香蕉, 都擺盤得很漂亮,
而且格仔餅(waffle)上桌時還是外脆內軟, 很好吃啊~
Wondering what's "Rocket Waffle" on the menu, so asked the server.
He explained it's 3 layers of waffles and each layer got different flavour of ice-cream an fruit.
There are Strawberry ice-cream on the top layer, then middle is Vanilla and the bottom one is Chocolate.
Fruit we got watermelon, strawberries, banana. 

下午茶餐送雪糕紅豆冰, 紅豆煮得甜度適中,
一顆顆的綿蜜蜜, 猜不到隨餐附送會這樣的OK~
鷄翼薯條就是chicken wings and fries, 沒有特別~
Afternoon tea set come with red bean slush with ice-cream.
The red bean is cooked perfectly and the right level of sweetness.
Chicken wing and fries tastes ok, nothing special
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- SB

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