Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cakeview Bakery & Cafe 楓林餅店

楓林的芒果蛋糕超讚 !!!
鬆軟綿密的sponge cake, 淡淡忌廉, 甜味就來自芒果。

Mango Cake from Cakeview Bakery & Cafe is my favorite!!!
Mango season has been arrived and there are lots of mangoes in supermarket.
What comes to my mind when I see boxes of mangoes?
I immediately run to Cakeview Bakery to order their Fresh Mango Cake.
The sponge cake is porous, light and fluffy, layered with whipping cream and fresh mangoes.
I only ate this cake once in last summer, I miss it very much.
This cake is only available in summer time when it is mango season.
I decided to eat as MANY as I want this year, today May 8th, 2012 i have my first bite~
This small bakery got the best Mango Cake.  And their cheese pudding bun is my favorite too.
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- SB

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