Tuesday, 8 May 2012

南亞 South Asia Malaysian Cuisine

咖喱鷄+薄餅 Curry Chicken + Roti

蝦麵 Noodle in Shrimp Broth

本來想去台味軒, 但它逢星期二休息,
Originally we are planned to go Wei's Taiwanese Food Inc.
However, Tuesday is their usual day off.
So we decided to eat Curry chicken + Roti and Noodle in shrimp broth at South Asia Malaysian Cuisine.
There are quite a lot of people having lunch there. 
And most of them order the Hainanese chicken rice, maybe I'll try that next time.
(But everytime I got seduced by the noodle in the shrimp broth...)

如果那參巴醬再加多點, 就更好~~~
配料有蝦, 鷄肉, 鷄蛋, 通菜,
加上油麵與米粉, 好吃!!! 
The Shrimp Broth is so savory~
(How many shrimp shells are put there to simmer?)
If more sambals sauce, it'll taste better~
Ingredients have Shrimp, Chicken, Boiled egg and  Tong Choi, Noodle and Rice vermicelli.
It tastes really good!!!

咖喱汁好吃, 但鷄肉不是嫩的,
Roti is crispy~
Curry is tasty, but chicken is over cooked.
I think because it stews for a long time!?
There is a big pot of curry chicken in kitchen!?

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- SB

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