Wednesday, 9 May 2012

台味軒 WEI's Taiwanese Food Inc
一直想到台味軒試試, 趁著這段空閒時間去了~
店好像只在11am-3pm營業, 逢星期二休息。
熊介紹這店時, 我以為是一間有珍珠奶茶與小吃的店,
到了才知是一間台式便當店, 主要是做外帶的,
店裏只有三張小桌子, 我想只有我們會在那裏坐。
Opening hours is 11am-3pm everyday, except Tuesday(usual day off).
When Bear told me about this place, I thought it's for bubble tea and snack.
It's actually a place selling Taiwanese Bento, mainly for take-out.
This place only has 3 little tables and few old chairs, not a comfy place to eat in.
However,  if you are there to eat deep-fried fermented tofu, you got no choice but sit there.
(I guess no one wants to get this "wonderful" aroma in one's vehicle.)

鹽酥鷄便當Crispy chicken Bento
鹽酥鷄是外脆內嫩 而且不油~
便當可以選三種小菜, 我們的是茄子、豆干與蕃茄蛋。
Crispy Chicken is nicely deep-fried, juicy and not oily.
For the Bento, you can choose 3 different side dishes.
We chose Eggplant, Bead curd and Egg with Tomato.
Freshly deep fried Stinky Tofu
雖然魏家臭豆腐常在夜市吃到 ,
但到店裏吃還是不一樣的, 由於沒有一大條人龍在趕,
外表比夜市的好看, 口感也比夜市的脆~
Eating Wei's deep-fried fermented tofu in night market is different than in store.
Here we won't have a long line-up, they got enough time to do the deep fry.
Since freshly deep-fried got enough time to settle, they are crisp at the outer crust and so soft inside.
Great texture~  better than the night market one~

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