Friday, 7 September 2012

hapa Izakaya
My japanese hair stylist told me about this newly opened Izakaya.
After my haircut, we went to there for our dinner~
It located at the "Little Italy".

This is their menu.
Not many choices (Less choices than GUU)
and price is around  $10 per dish.

This non-alcohol cocktail called Hello Kitty.  
A sweet mix of strawberry purée, Calpico, and soda.
Bear order this because of its cute name.

My drink is called Yuzu Slush.
But it took a long time to make, so they give us for free.
Reason for the delay, because they were using the blender to make dessert in the kitchen.
Apparently, they only got one blender in the store!?
I like that refreshing drink (however, i forgot to take a pic.)

I took a sip of Hello Kitty while i was waiting for my Yuzu.

Ishi-Yaki (bottom left of the picture)
Rice, minced pork, garlic sprouts, egg, tomato, lettuce, spicy miso, served in a hot stone bowl

I know it doesn't look good in the picture.
The server mixed all ingredients with the rice for us before I took a good picture of it.
(It's my fault...I just wanna taste it I forgot...)
Now just imagine the colorful ingredients topped over rice.
This rice tastes really good.  It's kinda like Korean style?

Deep-fried boneless chicken, soy ginger sauce

Love this one because the sauce and the vegetable makes the chicken tastier. 

Grilled squid, sake soy garlic marinade

Won't order this again.
It tastes a little bit bitter because it's burned?

Tofu pudding topped with mixed berries.
It tastes not bad.
Can't taste the tofu though, it's more like Creme Brulee.
(but I prefer GUU's Almond Tofu pudding.)
The portion is bigger than GUU one, should share this with someone.

The quality of the food is good. The presentation of each dish (plating) looks nice.
Food tastes delicious.
I'll come again for the curry beef rice. Someone from the next table ordered that.
That sweet curry smell is appealing~
Hapa Izakaya Restaurant on Urbanspoon

- SB

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