Saturday, 8 September 2012

Zen Japanese Restaurant

(Thinly sliced Amber jack)
This is a must try item.

You can see the chef really know how to use his knife.  So thinly sliced that you can see it through.

It comes with the special dipping sauce.
Everyone loves this dish~  =]

Sashimi (Chef's choice)
This portion is for 3 people.
I found it quite enough for 6 of us, since we order some other dishes too.

They are really fresh.

2 gor loves futo maki.
He orders this maki in each Japanese restaurant he tried.

Surprisingly, we all like this one.
Mostly because of the famous egg roll tastes really good.  And it looks big and cute.

If you do not want to order this maki, should order the Tamago sashimi/sushi.

negitoro roll is the best~  =]
But i think hand roll will taste even better~

Sea Eel (anago) sushi~  =]
It's different from unagi.
Anago is from salt water and Unagi is from freshwater.

We ordered katsu (deep fried pork chop), however it is overcooked?
The meat is so dry.  I won't order that again.

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- SB

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