Friday, 31 August 2012


Address: 179 Dundas St. West, Toronto

Tonight tried a new ramen place in downtown.
Among those I have tried, they got the best Japanese concentrated Pork Bone Soup.

Menu doesn't have many choices.
 For the ramen, they have Tonkotsu, Shoyu (Soy sauce), Shio (Sea salt), Miso Tonkotsu, Shoyu Tonkotsu (Soy Sauce + Pork bone soup) Ramen and Chilled (Cold).

I chose the Tonkotsu ramen.  I can taste the richness of the concentrate pork bone broth and not greasy at all.  I finished almost all the soup at the end.

 Not just their broth tastes great, the soft boiled egg cooked perfectly and have the golden colored yolk.
However, the noodle isn't that great, i found it a little bit too hard.
 In Japan, you can choose the softness/hardness of the noodle.
I hope we can have this option here too.

 They uses the pork belly to make Chashu (Braised Marinated Pork).  Don't get scared by the fat, it doesn't taste oily (No disgusting taste or texture).  The fat part is jelly like and melt in your mouth an the meat is marinated well and so tender.

I will definitely go there if i crave for a good quality Japanese Ramen.  It becomes my # 1 choice for Ramen now.  (Sorry, Kenzo...)

Sansotei on Urbanspoon

- SB

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