Friday, 5 October 2012

Chou Izakaya

Many new Izakaya arrived in Toronto.
Tonight we tried the one on Church and Wellesley, called Chou Izakaya.
Yes, it's recommended by our Japanese hairstylist.
Her comment of this Izakaya is Cheap and Delicious.
After we have tried, we agree too.
Price is relatively cheaper than other Izakaya.
And food is tasty, especially those Gunkan sushi (軍艦壽司).

Grapefruit Sour is a refreshing drink.  See me working hard there to squeeze the juice out!?
Avoten - Deep fried Avacado with the Ponzu dipping sauce.
The crust is kind of soft and the sauce is nothing special.
I think I prefer the baked one @ GUU  =P

Gomaae - Spinach with Sesame Dressing.
I like this one, simple but delicious.  While GUU uses black sesame, Chou uses white sesame.
I like the aroma of sesame.

Skewers:  Chicken, Chicken Skin and Pork Belly (Sea Salt)
You can choose the seasoning, Sea salt or Teriyaki sauce.
Both of us prefer the sea salt one~
The chicken skin is so crispy and not oily. (MUST TRY ITEM)
The chicken is juicy and tender, but if they are matched with scallions not onion, then it'll be perfect.
Pork belly has rich flavour.
Gunkan sushi (軍艦壽司)
Surprisingly, I like the Gunkan Sushi the most.
They are creative and luscious.  I love them ALL.

Tuna, Scallion(left) &  Ikura, sweet shrimp, oba (right)
Hotate, wasabi mayo(left) & lightly torched salmon and Mayo (right)
  It is a very pleasant meal!  Good Service and Nice Food~  =]
(no more 2 hours limit, you can eat, chat and enjoy the time there)

Sure we'll go again with some other friends next time, so we could try more dishes~

Chou Izakaya on Urbanspoon
- SB

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