Saturday, 2 June 2012

Le Cafe Michi

Today went lunch with Mom and Bear @ Le Cafe Michi.
Haven't been to Le Cafe Michi for quite a long time.
My first time being here is a company lunch which to celebrate my birthday?
That time we opted for the Unagi (eel), and it's really good!
Big thanks to my former boss which always bring us to try different cuisines.
It was 1pm on a Saturday, as expected, it was full. And we can only sit at sushi bar, which is fine for us.
We ordered Lunch set, which come with salad, miso soup, tea/coffee(unlimited refill) and dessert~

I forgot to ask about the salad dressing, I guess it's yuzu ginger!?
And the miso soup should be using white miso!?
I aske my Mom, "Mom, how can they cook the rice that is so perfect in texture?"
What's the perfect texture of rice?  It is slightly moist with a soft bite.

Garden Salad come with the set
Miso soup come with the set
The chicken is juicy and tender, the egg is still soft in texture.
And mixed with onion, leek and seaweed, make a great topping for the rice.

 Chicken and Egg Rice (Oyakodon)
Because it's Chicken Cutlet Don, so it won't have the crispy crust.
Its crust absorb all the egg sauce (i think it's like the one on  the Chicken an Egg rice).

We love the curry the most.  Japanese curry is thicker and sweeter.
It got its special aroma that make you keep eating.
The spices kick in after the sweetness.
The sweetness is usually come from redolent of caramelized onions, vegetable or even honey.
Spices usually have cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and nutmeg.
My mom wants to ask the chef for the secret recipe, haha...
Curry Katsu (pork cutlet) Rice

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 - SB

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