Saturday, 1 December 2012

The food isn't bad, but not good enough to get me to come back again.
This place is like a gem in Yorkville, jam-packed.
Maybe this is the reason why the servers aren't attentive and sincere?

Latte Latte~

Barley and Lentil Soup
The soup has the indian flavour...
Maybe there is some spices that usually use in Indian food?
It is a big portion hearty soup.  (but It is not something I like.)

This pizza is thin, however, it is not crispy.
I can't really judge this pizza, as i just have a few bites...><...
We do not like goat cheese, so we asked the server to change to mozzarella cheese when we order.
*sigh*   although have told them not to put goat cheese, it still have the goat cheese.
The server doesn't admit the pizza got goat cheese, but she cancelled it for us anyways.

I don't think we will visit again.  You do not feel welcome there.
It is quite an awful experience to us.
Yes, they have cancelled that pizza, but gave you a strong feeling that "You are trouble and we did nothing wrong".

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- SB

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