Sunday, 20 March 2011

La Bamboche Brunch on Avenue (this location closed)

1712 Avenue Rd. Toronto M5M 3Y6
I really like Egg Benedict as breakfast, so I started to try at different places.
This place I tried today is actually a pastry shop selling French\Japanese inspired dessert.
When I check their website, I found that they offer Sunday brunch now.
喜歡吃egg benedict的我當然到處去試,
現在星期天有brunch, 在網上看過menu覺得好吸引,
My Ham Benedict and Bear's Salmon Benedict
Brunch included Egg benedict (there are 3 choices: Spinach, Ham and Salmon)
Each meal comes with a drink, salad and dessert too
For drink you can choose from coffee, tea or orange juice.
一份egg benedict, 有鮮搾橙汁再加上salad,
最後有精美甜品, 只不過是$16.95+tax.
三款egg benedict我選了最原本的, 就是火腿~
Chocolate mousse + Lemon Tart
Dessert is chef's choice, you can't choose it freely. :(
If I can choose, I won't choose lemon tart, I do not like sour dessert, haha...
But surprisingly, this Lemon Tart isn't as bad as i thought, pretty refreshing.
甜點是當日廚師選的, 不能自由的選擇 :( 
如果是自由選擇, 我根本沒可能要檸檬派啊!
但以我超討厭lemon tart也能吃得下,算是合格吧?
不喝鮮橙汁 , 可以order茶或咖啡, 我要latte~ 哈哈~

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- SB

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